I fell in love with photography when I was a teenager and developed my first roll of film in the bathroom of my best friend's house. My parents and I built a darkroom, where I taught myself film processing and b&w printing. I could spend hours in the darkroom and now find myself sitting in front of my computer using my old skills with new technologies.

After the passing of my 16 year old puppy, I created a photo book on my Mac about him. I missed him desperately, but was not ready to get another dog. To get my "fix" I started volunteering at the LA Animal Shelters and with Angels in Fur Dog Rescue. I've loved dogs and photography all of my life, so deciding to start Lá Dë Dog Photography wasn't really rocket science, nor did it take $100K education to figure out they should be combined. I know all pet photographers have the same story and that's why we do what we do.

I rescue dogs, I foster dogs, I stand up for animal's rights and after 5 years of volunteering at a city shelter, I still can't figure out how people can dump their pets at a shelter, especially when they are seniors. It's appalling. One of my Mutts (I use that word with as much love as do when I say, "my daughter or my mother") is very angry about the treatment of shelter and rescue dogs, so he blogs and speaks for his buddies. Check out "Repo Rants" and see what makes him angry and happy.

Shelter dogs and rescued dogs are near and dear to my heart. Thirty-five framed photos now hang on the walls at the new West Valley Animal Shelter. I donated my times and services to photograph many of their amazing animals. I love to see people walk in and shocked to realize that all of these beautiful animals were once in this shelter. Yes, you can get wonderful animals there.

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Angels in Fur Dog Rescue, and the LA Animal Shelter. I continually hit up my friends to donate blankets, toys, leashes and money for the shelter. With their help, I have been able to purchase 170 beds, countless toys and treats.


I love dogs. I "Lá Dë Dogs."

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