What makes you different from other photographers?

There are many talented pet photographers out there, you have to find someone whose style you like. I have many styles and tried many things during my years as a photographer. I am an artist and always looking for new ways of seeing things and making photos. Dogs each have their own personality and might be uncomfortable in certain settings so my job is to find the best situation for them. The photo of the cocker spaniel in the poppy field, was my sweet dog after he got groomed and sitting in my car. The car didn't look great, but I was able to "slip" him into the poppy field which worked with his cute scarf. I am passionate about
capturing your pet's personality, finding the humor and producing memorable images.

My dogs are crazy and won't sit still. How are you going to photograph them?

Sometimes sitting still and posing isn't the best photo nor represents your dog's personality. Look at Scooter to the right. He probably was one of the most "uncooperative" dogs I ever photographed but this is one of my favorite images and the owner loved it too. The following year when I photographed Scooter again, he faced forward and showed his new personality.

Do you just photograph dogs?

No, I photograph pets, people and places. I've been doing photography for many years and I have photographed many subjects. Check out my link to other samples of what I do including web design, graphics, etc. Click here.

Do you support any rescues or charities?

Yes, I support Angels in Fur Dog Rescue along with various rescue request from my friends on FB.

Do you have any dogs?

Sort of. I have a min pin named Wolfie who came to live with me when his mommy had to go into assisted living. I promised her if she were able to come home, Wolfie would go back to live with her.